Translation example: Why blinded calorie believers are brainwashed

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We have all been brainwashed in terms of calories.

A few years back, I, myself used to believe in it as well. To lose weight was all about “consume less calories than you burn”. That is: “eat less and exercise more”.

I believed that the problem fat people had was that they were eating more calories than they burned off.  Fat people were a little too voracious and lazy. They had poor character – which meant that slim people like myself had good character. Although a bit prejudiced, it was a nice feeling.

It seemed obvious and logical to me. Now, more and more people have realized how silly that is. Soon, we will all laugh about how we could be so stupid and fall for such thinking errors.

The mistake

This can be hard to understand if you are brainwashed. It can take time, just as it did for me.

Here´s what´s wrong with fixating on calories: It makes absolutely no sense. It sounds really logical and smart but it doesn´t actually say anything.

A typical example:

Excess calories cause obesity.

This sounds credible. But what does it really say? A caloric surplus, of course, means that you gain weight, which is obvious. It is so obvious that it´s the same thing. A caloric surplus is the same thing as weight gain. Once you realize that, you can see the mistake:

Excess calories weight gain cause obesity.

Meaningless. Sure, it´s true, but it doesn´t say anything of substance. It doesn´t say anything about the real causes of obesity.

Just as meaningless are other statesments from calorie fundamentalists, like this one:

The only way to become slimmer is to burn more calories than you eat.

Since calorie deficiency is the same thing as weight loss we can soon see right through this as well:

The only way to become slimmer is to burn more calories than you eat lose weight.

Again: an obvious and useless statement.

Comedy or tragedy?

This brainwash would be rather comical if it didn´t come with very sad consequences. Today, when an overweight person is looking to get help from a calorie expert, they are often told:


”Dear Sir/Mrs. There are many ideas about weightloss, trendy diets and such, but in fact the answer is much simpler than that. There is only one way to do it. Forget everything else you have heard, there are no shortcuts. It doesn´t matter what you are eating. Let me tell you this: The only thing that you need to focus on to become slimmer is… lose your weight.”   


This is how it would look like if people solved their math tasks in school with the same way of thinking as the calorie believers has:


Much too simplified! Same thing apply when basic calorie counting is allowed to explain problems with obesity.

The thing is, most people cannot see that the calorie thinking that is trumpeted everywhere is meaningless. They are so convinced that calorie fixation has to be true that they can´t see how pointless their arguments are. The problem is that they are still brainwashed.



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